It’s the springtime and a lot of people are on the move. Not in the form of exercising, but actually moving from one location to another or one state to another. As moving entails lifting heavy boxes and packing personal items, there’s a good chance you can strain yourself and end up getting hurt. And if you don’t regularly see a chiropractor, you could end up with long-term pain issues.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning to move soon.

Patience Is a Virtue

It’s no secret that moving takes time and there are a lot of moving pieces involved. It’s important to not stress yourself and be careful about just how fast you move. If you belong to an older age group, this rings especially true. Pace yourself and be patient with the process, giving yourself plenty of time to organize, pack and actually fill up the moving truck. The more you rush through the process, the great chance you have at injuring yourself.

Hire 3rd Party Help

Why strain yourself when you can hire the help of a moving company? Moving experts can come to your home, help you pack up and load heavy items like furniture, appliances and large boxes. Professional movers take care of these items for a living and will be a much better way for you to focus on all other things outside of the move itself. And trust us, investing in a moving company is well worth it.

“We moved cross country to a 55+ community in Tennessee and knew it would be a big undertaking,” says Mary C., a long-term chiropractic patient. She adds, “knowing that my husband needs to be careful with moving heavy items and I have a strained back, we knew we wouldn’t be able to move ourselves. Thankfully we hired a moving company that was able to drive us to Tennessee, place all the furniture in our new home and allow us to enjoy the entire process.”

See A Chiropractor After Your Move

Even if you choose to hire a moving company to handle the big stuff, there’s no doubt that you will feel the impact of stress. Moving carries a lot of questions and considerations, and you’re guaranteed to become stressed. Thankfully, a qualified chiropractor can help identify stressful areas of the body and help you resolve any pain you may be feeling.

Of course, if you are moving out of state, you’ll need to find a new chiropractor to visit.

Finding a New Chiropractor

While most cities in the United States are filled with professional chiropractors, you’ll want to do your own due diligence to find the best doctor for your needs. Start by finding reviews online, visit a chiropractic office’s Facebook page and be sure to look into reviews on Yelp. If a chiropractor is well-reviewed from these locations, you’ll know they are a good person to see after your move.

If you have recently moved, how did your experience go? What would you change if you could? Let us know in the comments!