Will Chiropractic Care Actually Help Me?


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Chiropractic care is a widely accepted form of healthcare that addresses several things including nutrition, wellness, long-term health and immediate injuries. While a primary care physician uses medicine and surgery to resolve issues with pain, a chiropractor will get to the root of the problem to help you feel better over time.

Your body is self-healing, but needs assistance from time to time and this is where a chiropractic professional comes in. Chiropractors will diagnose and treat issues found with the central nervous system which is the main controller of our bodies. When there are issues with the spine and central nervous system, you’re bound to have pain.

So, Will Chiropractic Help Me?

In most cases, a chiropractor will be able to help. But it is your body that ultimately heals you and helps you feel better. Chiropractors do not claim to heal you or cure you; however, they can give you recommendations and tools you need to stay healthy. Routine adjustments to the neck and spine keep you feeling great, but you’ll need to develop healthy habits to keep adjustments lasting as long as possible.

Why Is the Nervous System the Root of Chiropractic Issues?

Your spine (vertebrae) can move out of alignment and pressure or irritate the nerves directly connected to the spine. This will cause your nervous system to malfunction and often overcorrect itself, which results in pain for you. When your nerves malfunction, parts of your body will function at less than 100%.

What is a sublaxation? When the vertebrae in your spine move out of place and cause problems with the nervous system, it is known as a subluxation. Chiropractors seek to fix these subluxations by a series of spinal adjustments. By addressing these subluxations in your spine, the chiropractor enables your nervous system to function normally and keeps you from feeling pain.

Are You Sure A Chiropractic Help Me?

Yes, but with any form of healthcare, there are unforeseen things. How much better you feel, or how much relief you get from any particular health problem depends on the length of time you have experienced pain and your body’s healing capabilities. Again, a chiropractor will help you address these painful symptoms, but it’s up to you to develop healthy habits to prevent them. You must work with the chiropractor to allow your body to heal.

It’s important to remember that a chiropractor does not treat your pain, symptoms or diseases. They work to help your body’s own innate healing abilities, so that you can heal yourself.

At Chiro Tips, we’re working to cover common questions and hesitations about chiropractic care, but it’s alway best for you to ask questions directly to your provider.

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