Feeling out of sorts just tends to happen and many of us ignore the signals our bodies are giving us. Whether it’s a new injury or something you have sustained for years, there’s no reason to live a life of pain. Many people suffering from pain look to a variety of remedies to help with the pain, but find themselves spinning in circles and still continue to suffer from pain.

When Is the Right Time?

First, before you attempt to address your pain with your own solution, it’s important to consult with your primary care physician. Your physician will likely put you on some pain management medication, but who wants to take pills every day? Why not address the pain points directly and try to solve them? This is where a consultation with a chiropractor comes into play.

We’ve spoken with many patients who have suffered from long-term pain and finally decided it was time to see a chiropractor. So, when asked when they knew it was time to visit with a chiropractor, here are the most common responses:

Nothing Else Works

A lot of patients try just about everything before seeing a chiropractor. From medical treatments to surgery to CBD oils, people eventually get to the point where nothing else is working and they reach out to a chiropractor.

I’m a real estate agent in Florida and I’m out and about all day long. My pain follows me everywhere and for years I went tried everything. Surgery, medicine, even holistic oils that were supposed to help. But once I saw a chiropractor, my pain diminished right away.

Immediately After An Injury

People get into an automobile accident and immediately experience symptoms of pain, and there’s a short window to get them into a chiropractor to adjust the pain right away. A well-informed personal injury attorney tells us he refers 7-8 of his clients a week to a local chiropractor, immediately after they are in an accident.

For our firm, referring clients to a chiropractor is one of the first steps. Before we file a suit or really do anything on the legal side, we want to be sure our clients are feeling okay.

Post Surgery

In some cases the only way to rid yourself of pain is to have surgery performed. However, to ensure the surgery is successful for years to come, it’s important to keep up with treatments and seeing a chiropractor. Assuming your insurance covers chiropractic treatments, keep appointments scheduled and make the most of your surgery.

When the Headaches Won’t Go Away

We’ve all had headaches that eventually turn into migraines. And for most of us, the migraine will go away. However, some people suffer from constant migraines and can find relief from a proper adjustment.

I’ve suffered from headaches my entire life. It wasn’t until my 40s that I decided to see a chiropractor and realized my spine was completely out of alignment. Once I got into the routine of seeing the chiropractor, my headaches slowed down and eventually went away. Today, I have the occasional headache, but nothing like what was going on before.

As you can see, the most common reasons to visit a chiropractor are due to ongoing pain, headaches / migraines, after a surgery or immediately after an accident.

What are some reasons that have caused you to decide to see a chiropractic professional?