In most cities in the US, chiropractic clinics are located nearly everywhere. From strip malls to medical centers, there is no shortage of clinics. So, how can a chiropractor set their clinic apart from all of their competition? This has been an ongoing topic in the industry and has a handful of interesting opinions from chiropractors and other business owners.

Here are the top tips to make your clinic unique and different from competing clinics.

Offer a Promotion Upfront

Because there are so many clinics all over the place, you need something to get the attention of people seeing your business for the first time. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a promotion to new clients. This could be a special offer you only run for a limited time or if it is successful, keep it going for a while. You’ll quickly notice your clinic will pick up nearby foot traffic and likely gain some long-term patients.

Assess your profit margins with your business consultant to know just how much you should offer in your promotion.

Create An Inviting Space

To really set your clinic apart, think about the patient’s experience. You should create a welcoming experience filled with modern lighting, decorative elements, comfortable furniture and top things off with some light, relaxing music playing. This immediately eases any tension a patient is feeling when entering the client and will also give them an experience they won’t find at every other clinic.

Don’t hesitate to hire an interior decorator to help pick out the right styles to give your clinic its personality.

Invest In the Right Tech & Support

Technology has improved a lot in the last few years and the same is true for the chiropractic industry. From various instruments used for X-Rays to how patients are billed in your office, you need to have the right technology to meet the expectations of your patients. Consider buying a few iPads or tablets you can use to show patients exactly what they are feeling. If they require chiropractic-specific software, be sure to have the software loaded and updated frequently.

Your front desk should also be using the latest technology to make the staff’s job easier. If you have recently invested in tech, keep it updated with the latest operating system or hire a tech specialist to provide ongoing service. Likewise, if your clinic uses multiple machines, you’ll want to invest in a technology partner to be a managed service provider.

Follow Up

Proper patient follow up is often overlooked in the chiropractic industry, yet it is one of the most important things you can do to keep patients coming back to your clinic. You need to have a process in place to thank patients for visiting, automatically schedule their next visit (this will change depending on their pain levels) and don’t be a afraid to use email marketing to keep the conversation active. Patients who enjoy your care will continue to book appointments with you and will follow your emails.

If you can invest in just 1 or 2 of these recommendations for your chiropractic clinic, you’ll be able to better set yourself apart from the competition and be able to scale your business.