As chiropractic professionals, adjusting patients for the sake of their health is what you do best. This often leaves little time to consider the other tools and assets you need to be successful. In today’s technology-driven world, it’s especially important to have technology tools to help drive your business.

Here are 4 different ideas you can start using today to be successful with your chiropractic business.

1. Google My Business

We have covered this on the blog before, but it’s just so important. A Google My Business page is free and easy to set up for business owners. You just need to have a physical address where you can receive a post card and you’re set. A strong profile on Google will provide your business name, hours, location, phone number and will also house reviews for future patients to see.

Not only is this a vital tool to be successful with Google, but at its core, it helps patients find you. Take a second to search your city + “chiropractor” to see where these profiles display.

2. Good IT Support

The last thing you want to deal with in your practice is a broken computer, a printer that won’t connect or a day without the internet. These are important instruments your business needs to be successful and without them, you can be sure the practice will struggle. You’ll have to decide whether you need to hire an in-house IT specialist or find an outside resource. As we covered in a previous article about outsourcing services, there are a variety of benefits you will find.

Consider a service like Gravity IT Solutions for all of your practice’s IT needs. They offer a managed plan to cover all of your tech needs at a relatively low cost. Just think how much it costs if you have computers that are not working or the internet is down for a full day.

3. Follow Up with Patients

You need to know how your practice is doing and the best way to do so is to simply ask your patients. You can request reviews and feedback from patients through your Google My Business page, Facebook, Yelp and other channels. Additionally, think about sending out follow up emails as soon as a patient leaves the office. You will be top of mind as soon as they leave your practice, so this is the most ideal time to do so. And you can opt into a text messaging program to accomplish the same thing.

Maintaining a reputation through reviews is key to being successful. Use online tools to keep an eye on your reviews and respond to patients’ feedback as soon as you can.

4. Business Admin Expertise

Like IT and marketing, you likely also don’t have time to be fussing with bookkeeping, billing patients and making sure your office’s bills are paid. For this reason, it’s always recommended to hire an outside service to manage these fundamental business administration activities. Most services will provide remote bookkeeping services, tax preparation, accounts receivable, accounts payable and billing for patients. While these are critical components of a well-oiled chiropractor’s office, they are easy to outsource.

Give these 4 ideas a try for your chiropractic business. With the right marketing, technology, customer retention and accounting services in place, all you need to do is focus on making your patients feel the best they can.