One of the key things that help make a chiropractic clinic successful is the ability to utilize the services of other businesses. For instance, any clinic will work with a commercial real estate agent for their office, a tax preparer for annual taxes and typically an IT company for computer services. These businesses and services help elevate a clinic to run efficiently so that the doctors can focus on their patients.

Below are 4 of the most understated services a chiropractor could and should be using.

Tax Preparation Specialists

As we already alluded to, taxes are one thing that a chiropractic clinic should outsource. Local bookkeeping and tax preparation companies can make the process easy and help clinic owners identify more ways they can save. It’s not cheap to run a clinic and you should be looking for as many tax breaks as possible. If you don’t have an in-house bookkeeper or someone managing your accounting, a tax preparer can provide you with their services as well.

Laundry Services

Just like any medical clinic, a chiropractic office has a lot of laundry that needs to be done. From towels to patient garments that may be worn, it’s important for a clinic to frequently wash their laundry. For this reason, many clinics hire a third-party pick-up and delivery service for any of their laundry needs. Most laundry services charge by the pound and can be as low as $1.50 per pound.

Interior Decorators

It’s important for a clinic to feel welcoming to its patients. The patient should immediately be welcomed with lighting, great painting and modern furniture as soon as they step into the office. To accomplish this, chiropractors should seek to hire interior decorators to help with the aesthetic of the clinic. Try to create an approachable space with a variety of decorative elements. Not only is this great for patients, it will also help set you apart from other clinics.

Business Attorneys

Lastly, every business owner including the owner of a chiropractic clinic should have a business attorney they can call. A business attorney is helpful for any business-related questions, but will also advise you in the rare event that you get sued by a patient. They will help you through the litigation process and handle any paperwork you may need to file. It’s important to keep an attorney on call even though you likely won’t need to work with them too often.

IT & Computer Services

What happens if your scheduling system goes down? Or what if the main lobby computer crashes? Do you have someone to call? Having an IT administrator on staff likely doesn’t make sense from a budget perspective, but it is a great resource to have when you need it. This is why it’s always a good idea to outsource IT and any computer-related work to a third party. You spend time with patients, while the IT support provider spends time making your technology work well.

A healthy combination of these services is bound to help any chiropractic clinic succeed. From tax preparation to IT services and keeping your office looking modern, you’ll have the resources you need to grow your practice.