In uncertain times started by COVID-19, a lot of business owners had to get creative with their communications. Businesses adopted new forms of technology to offer services and seminars to their customers. Many businesses turned to Zoom for hosting conference calls, team meetings and to talk to potential customers. Doctors and medical practices have also shifted to using Zoom for a number of reasons.

Using Zoom with Patients

Zoom gives its users a way to connect with patients outside of a physical sense. For chiropractic patients who need a quick question answered or a health tip provided, Zoom has been instrumental in making the communication better.

One such chiropractor has even turned to the meeting platform to host an online event for existing and new patients.

Reboot Your Health Event

Chiropractors Using Zoom
The event, appropriately dubbed Reboot Your Health to start the new year, is being held to advise patients on what they can do to help their health. Whether at the chiropractor’s office or playing it safe at home, the host(s) will inform patients what they can be doing on a daily basis and recommend routines to help jumpstart the new year.

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Healthcare at Home

Staying healthy has also required some creativity due to the pandemic. Chiropractic patients have decided to pursue at-home remedies and use tools like the Ideal Stretch to stay flexible. Many employed patients have shifted to working from home full time over the course of the last 10 months, making stretching at home an even more important thing to do.

Questions Answered

The two doctors hosting the event will also plan to have a section for questions at the end of the webinar. There are a lot of health considerations heading in to the new year with what is seemingly a new way of life, so it’s important for these doctors to provide answers to these questions.

Should You Use Zoom for Your Patients?

The use of Zoom for patient meetings, staff meetings and conferences / webinars will be even more important in the new year. It’s recommended to get in the habit of using Zoom (or a similar web conferencing software) to run these types of meetings. As the healthcare industry and the economy restore themselves, the use of Zoom will continue to grow.

Tips & Tricks for Zoom

Thankfully for business owners and chiropractic professionals, Zoom is easy to use and is packed with features. Out-the-box (download), Zoom is intuitive and can get you in an online meeting in no time, but there are a handful of ways you can enhance the experience.

  • Hold down the space bar to temporarily mute yourself (when needed)
  • Use dual monitors (assuming you have two monitors)
  • Use filters to enhance your appearance
  • Password protect meetings for safety reasons
  • Use a virtual background

You can see more tips from Zoom experts here:

Getting Started

To begin using Zoom, head over to to download the software onto your local computer. The site will identify your type of computer and then recommend the right download. From there, start with a test meeting either with your staff or a friend. Once you get some experience under your belt, consider hosting a larger meeting or webinar through the platform.

As always, let us know if you have any questions in the comments.