Just like any business, a chiropractor’s office needs to follow certain practices to ensure their clinic runs successfully. From administration to taxes to marketing, every chiropractor needs to know these business fundamentals to grow and operate a successful practice.

One of the most important considerations is how you market your chiropractor clinic online and offline. Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years, consider these 5 marketing tips for your chiropractic office.

1. Claim A Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free tool used by local businesses to show their location and hours to customers. Even if you don’t have a website, you can have an active profile that shows up in Google. And best of all, it’s free. Google allows you to set up a profile based on your address and will ask you to verify your address with a pin number the company sends out. Be sure to add a business description, hours, photos and a logo so it’s easy for customers to recognize you.

2. Claim All Social Media Profiles

Any marketer will tell you that social media is an invaluable tool to use to promote a business. Take time claim and polish up pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. While each platform has different capabilities and appeals to a different audience, simply claiming these locations will help them show up in Google and improve your overall search presence. Interact with customers on these platforms and post new content as much as possible.

3. Build A Website

Having a Google My Business profile and related social media profiles is a great start to developing your online branding. However, you will want to create a website for your brand that you own and control. After all, what would happen if your only profile is on Facebook and Facebook is closed down tomorrow? A branded website gives you full control of your business’s future. And while the upfront cost may be sizable, the long-term return is great. If you find yourself struggling with the cost of a new website, there are plenty of students in code academy programs who would be willing and able to help out.

4. Signage

With an online presence built out through a website and social media profiles, the next step is to appropriately market the physical location of your clinic. Using signs, banners and other elements of display to attract traffic will provide a new interest in the business and you’ll pick up new customers right away. If you’re offering any new patient specials, be sure to post them on the outside of your building for passersby to easily see.

5. Join Business Networks

Finally, with an online and offline presence established for your new chiropractor office, it’s time to expand your network. Consider joining a network like BNI (Business Networking International), your local Chamber of Commerce or at the very least, become accredited through the Better Business Bureau. These networks will solidify your new office’s credibility and expand your immediate network.

If you have recently started a new chiropractic office, what tips would you recommend?