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Chiropractic cares makes patients feel better mentally, physically and emotionally as it aligns so many aspects of the human body.

Feel Better Faster

If you have ever been injured, you know surgery is costly and takes time. Consider the speed to recovery through chiropractic care.

Customized Solutions

Everyone experiences pain in different ways. It’s important to evaluate pain patient-by-patient, then create a customized plan.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Many chiropractic patients want to know where the field of chiropractic care first started.  Well, this type of care got its start in Davenport, Iowa over a century ago.  In 1895, a “magnetic healer” as he was called, by the name of Dr. Palmer operated an office on the corner of 2nd and Brady street in downtown Davenport.  Dr. Palmer, as he was known, noticed on that day the janitor who worked in his building was nearly totally deaf. 

This janitor was an older gentleman by the name of Harvey Lillard.  Upon questioning, (loud questioning) Harvey explained to Dr. Palmer that he had lost most of his hearing 17 years earlier when he was bending over and felt a “pop” in his upper back or neck.  Dr. Palmer examined the area and noticed a bump which he determined to be a spinal vertebrae completely out of position.  It seemed that Harvey noticed this bump right after he lost his hearing, meaning the two were connected.  Having a knowledge of anatomy, Dr. Palmer convinced Harvey to allow him to try to fix it by pushing the bone back into place.

Once the bone was pushed back into place, the janitor regain some (not all) of his hearing. This type of pushing of bones back into their proper place is what led to the field of chiropractic care as we know it today.

Custom Tailored Chiropractic Tips

Chiro Questions Are Very Common. We’re Here to Provide Answers.

At, we seek to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractic care. From patient-focused questions to those being asked by professionals in the industry, we consider ourselves the go-to-source for reliable and credible answers. 

Have a tip you would like to see on Chiro Tips? Reach out today with your news, ideas and advice, and we’ll happy review it. 

How We Can Help

We provide a wide variety of chiropractic tips. Whether it’s your first time seeing a chiropractor or you’re a long-time patient, we provide ideas and tips you can use anytime you would like.

Chiropractic Education

Where does a chiropractor obtain his or her credentials? What degrees does the common chiropractic professional have? What licenses does a chiro need? How do I choose the right provider?

Continuing Chiro Treatment

Although chiropractic care may deliver fast results to those in pain, it takes time to develop a plan to find long-term comfort. It’s important to find a provider who can tailor a plan to you.

Exercises & Tools

What can I be doing in-between visits with my chiropractor? From vitamins you can take to developing healthy patterns and using stretches that are great for your body, you can find everything you need.

Tips for All Age Groups

Chiropractic care can apply to people of all ages. The bottom line is that a chiropractor can help you feel better. From children to adults and seniors, a well-maintained chiro routine is a must. It even works for pets!

Frequently Asked Chiropractor Questions

You have questions about chiropractic care; we have the answers.

Be sure to review our frequently asked questions section before your next chiropractor appointment. You’ll likely find the answers you need to have the best experience possible.


Tips & Advice

Chiro Tips is dedicated to helping remove the stigma surrounding chiropractic care. Although chiropractic care is proven to show results in patients who visit qualified professionals every year in the United States and beyond, many people still believe chiropractic is not a viable practice.

We’re here to help change that opinion.

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