If you’re just establishing a new chiropractic clinic, you may be wondering, “where is the best location to set up my clinic?”

Thankfully, because many chiropractic professionals have gone through the same process, they have had the same thought about their own establishments.

What Are the Important Considerations When Choosing a Location?

Accessibility needs to be a priority for your chiropractic clinic. You’ll need to try to select a location that is easy to access for all of your patients. Consider options like strip malls, lower level offices or in the first floor of a medical clinic. Because you’re seeing patients with pain issues, you’ll want to avoid locations with several steps or areas that require tremendous energy to reach you.

If this is your very first office you’re opening, consider the businesses surrounding you and how they might provide you with new patients. If you opt for a strip mall location, you may get foot traffic from the nearby businesses.

Almost any commercial real estate agent will tell you it’s important to establish a business in an area with high visibility. Simply seeing the office could provide you with the contact of a patient you might not have otherwise met.

While it’s important to be in a location with a lot of traffic, you’ll also want to avoid spaces with too much traffic. These types of areas could become too busy and your office will get lost in the noise. Avoid setting up shop near drive-thru restaurants or busy grocery stores. These spaces are known to be busy, but you’ll likely not gain any new customers.

What’s the Patient Experience?

Chiropractor Office Locations

When choosing your new office, be sure you fully understand the patient’s experience. How will you plan to greet patients as they enter the office? Do you staff a specialist in the lobby to properly greet them? Do you provide refreshment in the form of fresh cookies and water? While small, these little details go a long way in establishing a trusting relationship with you patients.

You’ll also need to make the insurance and billing process as easy as possible. Try to meet with your staff to have everyone properly educated and trained on what is required from a billing standpoint. This is typically where most questions come, so it’s best to be prepared with answers.

Plan for a Follow Up

As part of the patient experience, you also need a plan on how you will follow up with the patient. Most patients, especially those injured in a car accident, will be repeat visitors. However, what about the patient who needs a one-time adjustment? How can you turn them into a long-term patient of yours?

Plan to send a postcard in the mail to anyone and everyone who visits the office. This will establish a sense of trust and let the patient know your office is thinking about them. Additionally, you may want to consider an email marketing campaign to follow up with them. This will allow them to easily and quickly ask any questions as well. A platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact will help you get started with the right type of campaign.

If you’re struggling with how to get started with a new chiropractic office, it’s best consult with your real estate agent first. They will give you tips and advice for finding the right location, then it’s up to you to start the practice.

Have you recently moved into a new location? What were some of your location considerations? Let us know in the comments!