Pain affects people in a number of ways and requires a variety of remedies to help people feel better. While some of us can mitigate pain with basic over-the-counter pain relievers and aspiring, other types of pain require extra-strength support.

Here are a few ways you can start addressing pain today:

1. Chiropractic for Pain

As a chiropractor-focused website, of course we have to recommend seeing a chiropractor to help address pain. Chiropractic care can help address pain in the neck, back and other joints of the body. People experiencing pain in anywhere of the body can be impacted by a proper adjustment. Chiro care has been proven to help with headaches and migraines too. If you suffer from these conditions, we highly recommend seeing a chiropractor.

I was involved in a skiing accident back in the 1990s and had suffered with lower back pain for a very long time. I thought this was just the way it was until a friend recommended I see a chiropractor. I wanted to avoid costly surgery and medical bills, so I took her advice and saw a chiropractor. After a few adjustments, I was on my way to feeling better.

2. Try Using CBD for Pain

CBD is also proven to carry a lot of benefits including the ability to mitigate pain in individuals. CBD works with certain pain receptors in the central nervous system to relax you and help you sustain pain. While it’s not a long-term solution, CBD oils will definitely help you with pain management. And best of all, CBD is offered in a variety of ways to ingest it including tinctures, edibles or through a vape pen.

I was very suspicious about the use of CBD oils until a friend of mine at LaurelCrest gave me a sample of product. I had experienced migraines here and there, but never realized how great CBD could be. I started with a couple of droplets a night and stopped waking up with headaches. One of the best decisions I’ve made!

3. Massage Therapy

Occasional pain here and there may also be relieved by seeing a massage therapist. Frequent visits to a therapist will help you isolate where your pain is and then your therapist can help you resolve it. While a massage used to be considered a luxury, it’s now recognized as a viable way to help relieve pain.

Even Harvard recommends routine massage therapy to help with various types of pain.

4. Surgery To Alleviate Pain

In the absolute worst case scenario related to your pain, it may be time to consider surgery. Unfortunately, for certain injuries, chiropractic care and CBD won’t cut it and you’ll need to seek the advice of your medical doctor for surgery. For instance, people experiencing long-term knee pain as a result of a car accident or something similar may eventually need to have a knee replaced. Certain therapies will address the pain momentarily, but you will want to find a long-term solution.

I have had bad hips since my youth and knew one day I would need to have a hip replaced. I put it off for years and years, while managing pain through Ibuprofen and occasionally visiting my chiropractor. When we weren’t making significant progress with my pain, I decided it was time to consult with my primary care physician and she recommended it was time for hip surgery. I’m now 6-months removed from surgery and I’m happy to say my pain is relieved and I feel 100% different.

What have you tried to alleviate pain? Leave us your story in the comments!