On-site chiropractic care is a relatively new idea that came about during the pandemic. Because individuals were not able to visit their chiropractor’s office last year, many professionals started visiting patients at home in their own community. This same thing happened with veterinary care and massage therapy, so it’s not all that surprising to see chiropractors visiting their patients at home.

If you’ve been considering at-home chiropractic care, below are the 5 most common concerns.

Is It Safe?

By far, the most common question with on-site chiropractic care is if it is safe. Patients want to feel a sense of comfort even in their own homes and need to know the chiropractor is being safe. For this reason, many chiropractic professionals prep before an appointment, are careful to keep their hands washed and will typically where a mask in the home of a patient. If you have concerns about your chiropractor’s safety protocol as it pertains to in-home visits, don’t hesitate to ask.

Will the Chiropractor Have Their Equipment?

While not every chiropractor has tools and equipment they can take on the go, there are plenty who do. Massage and chiropractor tables can be folded up quite easily and adjustment tools can be taken on the go. The only thing a patient will need to visit their chiropractor’s office for are x-rays. Almost everything else, including patient files, can be brought to the patient’s home.

Does a Mobile Chiropractor Charge More?

Because a chiropractor will need to travel to your home, you should expect to see a higher bill at the end of your visit. Even if your chiropractor accepts your form of health insurance, you should still anticipate a charge for them traveling to you. The cost of fuel, gathering their supplies and taking their time to visit you will not be inexpensive, but you have to consider how you are benefitting from the visit instead of going to their office.

Do Chiropractors Visit Senior Centers?

If you reside in a senior center or a 55 and older community, you may coordinate with other residents on when to have a chiropractor come out to visit your community. There is a good chance that multiple people will want to visit with the chiropractor and it will be better on their time to see multiple patients all at once. If you live in an HOA-run community, be sure to coordinate with your HOA board on when the chiropractor is visiting. Again, the concept of a mobile chiropractor is very similar to a mobile veterinarian or other type of service.

Does Insurance Cover A Mobile Chiropractor?

While every carrier is different, the general answer is that yes your health insurance will cover the services of a mobile chiropractor. Again, you’ll likely get billed a higher amount for the mobile visit, but it’s important to remember how it benefits you in terms of your health and time. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to decide how much they cover of your chiropractor’s visit.

Save Time & Focus On Your Health

Above all, those interested in a mobile, at-home chiropractic visit will benefit. You must consider the time you will save not traveling to the chiropractor’s office and if you’re in pain, travel can make things worse. Consider these 5 common questions and schedule your next appointment if this is right for you.