If nurses are diamonds, then nurse health coaches are stars on earth. They help their patients achieve holistic health and wellness. With a nurse health coach, the focus is not just on a patient’s physical health, but their emotional, mental and spiritual state as well. It’s holistic health—a state of being healthy, happy, content, fulfilled, and all-rounded in all facets of life. 

Upgrading To a Holistic Nurse Health Coach

Having said that, a career as a nursing coach can be quite lucrative. Not just financially (which it is) but emotionally as well. While being a nurse can be incredibly draining, being a nurse health coach can be incredibly gratifying. How so? What’s the difference? 

A nurse can be drained from all the hard work, dealing with sick patients, and minimal results. As a nurse health coach, you can help patients recuperate faster and realize real results. It will be your job to help others reach their greatest potential. Along with helping patients create tailored care plans, you will support them throughout their therapy. 

You will also have the opportunity to educate other nurses by sharing your knowledge and expertise, which will progress the nursing industry. As if that’s not enough, nurse coaching offers a great chance to establish long-lasting bonds with patients and their families. As you directly experience the good effects of your job, these relationships can be incredibly fulfilling. 

If you’ve got a passion for people, consider a career as a holistic nurse health coach. For this, you need a coaching program that certifies your credentials at the end, and this post will guide you through that. 

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program – 7 Months of Learning

The easiest and most beneficial way to become a nurse health coach is by enrolling in our 7-month Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. This program has gained recognition as a program that empowers nurses to become world-class nurse coaches as seen below:

  • American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) Approval

Our program has 120 contact hours and it has been authorized by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) as a continuing nursing education activity. The goal of this program is to prepare nurse coaches to work with clients seeking health and wellness using an integrative, whole-person, evidence-based coaching technique. 

The majority of the learning takes place online, and it will include experiences like group coaching, individual coaching practicums, and shadow coaching. A certificate from The Nurse Coach Collective with 120 contact hours is given upon program completion.

  • Acceptance by The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC)

The AHNCC recently took a bold step to promote the holistic nursing community. As a preeminent authority on holistic nursing education and certification, the AHNCC has been here for years. Because our curriculum successfully satisfies the requirements of the countrywide nurse coach board certification, the promotion came as no surprise. 

This program satisfies the high criteria established by the AHNCC and gives nurses the information and expertise they require to deliver holistic care. With such credentials, nurse coaches can assist patients to improve in a significant way.

How To Become a Nurse Health Coach [3 Simple Steps]

You can become a licensed nurse health coach with The Nurse Coach Collective in only 3 simple steps.

Step 1: You complete 60 hours of continuing education in which you learn the fundamentals of nursing coaching, your duties at work, and how to further your career.

Step 2: Take on a 60-hour supervised coaching practicum.

Step 3: After that, you can take the NCBC exam. After you’ve passed, you pave way for 2 types of AHNCC Certifications: Board-Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and Board-Certified Nurse Coach.

The Nurse Coach Collective: Founders’ Opinion

The Nurse Coach Collective was founded by Heather and Peter. They believe that conventional nursing programs frequently fall short of offering a thorough explanation of how to be a successful nurse health coach. Their Transformative Nurse Coaching Program seeks to fill gaps that are currently in the nursing profession. 

The course takes a deep dive into the field of nursing, including issues like patient advocacy, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. Additionally, it gives nurses the chance to form lasting bonds with other nurses, which will enable them to create a network of support that will be crucial in trying times.

The founders like to believe that step by step, The Nurse Coach Collective is fostering a new generation of nurses who are prepared to succeed in even the most trying circumstances by offering a well-rounded education!

Additional Details About the Nurse Coaching Program 

  • What is included?

The program includes 6 months of guidance, instruction, and support; 60 hours of supervised coaching; 60 hours of practicing and learning various coaching methodologies; state-of-the-art learning environments; online modules; group video conferences; course work; and lifetime access to The Nurse Coach Collective’s resources.

  • What are the technical requirements to take part in the program?

To download papers and take part in video calls, you will need a steady internet connection. You will also need a mobile device that can connect to the internet, such as a phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. You must be familiar with the fundamentals of using the internet and video conferencing tools. The tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC should all have a front-facing camera.

Upgrade Your Career With Our Transformational Program

A growing number of people are using nurse coaching to help them improve their health. With that in mind, the time to make positive changes in your life with the Nurse Coach Collective program is now. Enroll in the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program right away and improve your life and that of others, one by one!