Chiropractic care has been around for a long time and is a type of treatment that can be used by all kinds of people in different walks of life. In a given week, chiropractors will see a number of patients who may range from athletes to senior citizens, yoga instructors and more.

In today’s post, we break down the most common chiropractic patients. More importantly, if you as a patient are in pain, it doesn’t matter which group you identify with. See a chiropractor and get your pain resolved.

The Do-It-All Moms

Let’s face it, moms get tired. From taking the kids to band practice or soccer practice to coordinating appointments with the orthodontist, the typical mom can get very busy and therefore tired. It’s important for this type of individual to be as flexible as possible and ready for whatever life decides to throw at them. These Do-It-All Moms are one of the top candidates to become a chiropractic patient and are also known to refer their friends.


From weekend warrior athletes to those who work out six days a week, seeing a qualified chiropractor is a must. A chiropractic professional will tell you exactly where the pain is and how to make your body work its best for your favorite sport or activity. By starting a chiropractic routine, athletes tend to perform better and suffer less fatigue when they are active.


Flexibility is everything when it comes to yoga. You must have a limber and versatile body to bend and stretch in the ways a typical yoga routine requires. Yoga instructors and students both benefit from being in the hands of a chiropractor. A chiropractor will ensure your body is ready to go for any stretch or routine and accompanies the practice of yoga quite well.

Accident Victims

One of the more unfortunate patients a chiropractor will see is someone who has fallen victim of an automobile crash. Whether it’s a car accident or a motorcycle accident, the number one recommendation is to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. If a victim of a car accident waits too long, the chiropractor may not be able to make proper adjustments.

Senior Citizens

Last, but definitely not least in the list of chiropractor patients, are senior citizens. Seniors, especially those who live in 55+ communities, don’t see a lot of day-to-day activity. For this reason, this group of patients are often referred to a chiropractor from their primary care physician. A chiropractor can make sure the body is still well-oiled and functioning as they need. It may only mean a walk around the block, but that walk is much better when you’re not in pain.

Why Does This Information Matter?

Since Chiro Tips is a resource for patients and chiropractors, it’s important for us to document what helps chiropractic offices grow. If a chiropractor can understand who a typical patient is, it opens up the doors for new types of treatment for patients, allows for deeper understanding of who the patient really is and it better allows the business to run smoother. Instead of wasting money on different types of marketing, chiropractors can focus on their exact customer and market to them accordingly.